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Moving A Gun Safe

People in Georgia tend to love their firearms. Having a full gun safe is very common anywhere in greater Atlanta. Moving a gun safe is no small task. It requires careful planning, coordination, and the right equipment to ensure both the safety of the movers and the integrity of the safe itself. From navigating tight spaces to managing its considerable weight, every step of the process demands attention to detail.

While we would always suggest to use the skills and equipment of a trained professional, if you decide to move a gun safe by yourself, you should be as safe as possible, every step. Georgia Home Movers encourages you to call us to move your gun safe for you, but if you want to DIY, here’s what we suggest:

Preparing for the Move

Assess the Situation: Before anything else, evaluate the size and weight of the gun safe, as well as the path it needs to travel. Measure doorways, hallways, and stairwells to ensure the safe can fit through everything without difficulty.

Gather Necessary Equipment: You'll need heavy-duty moving equipment such as a dolly, moving straps, and perhaps some furniture sliders. Additionally, have tools like screwdrivers and wrenches on hand to disassemble doors or remove any obstacles in the path. Depending on the size of your safe and the doorways it must go through, you may have to pop off a door or two on your journey.

Do you need to rent some equipment to move your gun safe? Contact Georgia Home Movers, and we will be glad to help you out with anything you need.

Secure the Firearms: Before moving the safe, ensure all firearms inside are unloaded and properly secured. Remove ammunition and store it separately in a secure container. You don’t necessarily have to remove the firearms (especially at this stage), but you must ensure that they are all safely secured.

Protect Floors and Walls: To prevent damage to floors and walls during the move, use furniture sliders or moving blankets. Cover any sharp corners on the safe with padding to avoid scratching surfaces. If you are unsure of the best methods to protect your walls and doorframes, contact Georgia Home Movers, and we’ll be glad to handle all the details for you.

Moving the Safe

Empty the Safe: Remove all contents from the safe, including shelves, drawers, and accessories. This will lighten the load and make the safe easier to handle.

Secure the Door: If the safe has a door that swings open, securely tape it shut to prevent it from swinging open during the move. Use painter's tape or duct tape, being careful not to damage the finish.

Attach Moving Straps: Use heavy-duty moving straps to secure the safe to a dolly. Make sure that your dolly is rated for heavy weight, like an appliance dolly. Place the straps around the safe and tighten them securely. Make sure the straps, like the dolly,are rated to handle the weight of the safe.


Use Proper Lifting Techniques: Lift the safe with your legs, not your back, to avoid injury. Keep your back straight and use your leg muscles to lift the safe onto the dolly. If you would like to avoid any potential injury, we suggest letting our teams handle moving your gun safe. Georgia Home Movers are trained, skilled professionals, and we will protect your property and your health as we move your gun safe to its new location.

Move Slowly and Carefully: Use caution when maneuvering the safe, especially around corners and stairways. Have one person guide the dolly while another person stabilizes the safe from the opposite side. Do NOT try to do this on your own, as it is likely to be too much for one person to handle safely.

Navigate Stairs Safely: If you encounter stairs, take extra precautions. Use a stair climbing dolly or enlist the help of additional people/movers to safely navigate the safe up or down the stairs. This is another place where allowing trained professionals to handle the load is a smart move for any consumer.

Clear the Path: Clear obstacles and ensure there are no tripping hazards along the path. Communicate with your team to coordinate all movements and avoid accidents.

Secure the Safe During Transport: Once the safe is loaded onto the moving truck, secure it in place with straps or tie-downs to prevent shifting and sliding during transport. Place it against the wall of the truck for added stability and security.

Reaching the Destination

Unload the Safe: Carefully unload the safe from the truck using the same precautions as during loading. Use a dolly or other lifting equipment to safely lower it to the ground. A liftgate in this situation may be a smart move to consider, as it could help you get the safe to the ground more safely.

Position the Safe: Decide on the final location for the safe and position it accordingly. Use a level to ensure it sits evenly on the floor.

Secure the Safe: Once in place, you might bolt the safe to the floor or wall to prevent it from being easily moved or tipped over. It depends on the weight of the safe, and other factors. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installationand anchoring.

Reassemble and Restock: If necessary, reassemble any doors or components that were removed during the move. Restock the safe with firearms and other valuables, ensuring they are properly secured.

Dispose of Packing Materials: Clean up any packing materials and debris from the move, ensuring the area is clear and safe.

Moving a gun safe requires careful planning, teamwork, and attention to detail. To stay safe and protect your items, we highly suggest hiring Georgia Home Movers to move your gun safe. If you want to do it yourself, following these steps and taking necessary precautions should keep you and your firearms free from harm.

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