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Moving Your Home or Business to Dallas, Georgia

Population: 14,423 


Dallas, Georgia is located roughly 40 miles from downtown Atlanta. It is the county seat of Paulding County and is considered part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. The city itself was named after George M. Dallas, the Vice President of the United States under James K. Polk.


Dallas’ small-town charm and natural beauty have made it an attractive destination for individuals and families seeking an improved quality of life. The city is steeped in tradition and Southern heritage, and its close proximity to the Peach State’s capital gives residents easy access to one of the country’s most vibrant economic centers.

Forged in the Georgia Gold Rush

When gold was discovered in Georgia in the early 1800s it sparked what came to be known s the Georgia Gold Rush. Unfortunately, the settlers who had flocked to Paulding County found little in the way of gold. Ultimately the turned to farming and began to lay the foundations for what would become modern Dallas, Georgia.

The Dallas area is home to a large number of Civil Ware battle sites many of which are marked today as historic sites around the city. Following the end of the Civil War the reconstruction period allowed Dallas to flourish. The arrival of the Southern and Seaboard Railroads in 1882 helped to propel the town into a new century.

Southern Charm and Hospitality

Despite its close proximity to Atlanta, Dallas retains its small-town Southern charm and hospitality. The town’s residents are friendly and welcoming, giving Dallas a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here you’ll find traditional Southern comfort food being shared with neighbors on front porches and in back yards as neighbors gather to share good company and tall tales.

But don’t let the small-town atmosphere fool you. The town of Dallas has a thriving economy and robust job market that makes it an ideal destination for individuals and families looking to build a new life in the South.


Strong Job Market

Dallas boasts a thriving economy and vibrant job market. While the town itself retains much of its rural characteristics it is strategically located within the Dallas-Hiram-Acworth metropolitan area. This allows for easy access to major employment centers like Atlanta. The nearby bustling job market provides lucrative and fulfilling work opportunities in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, and manufacturing.  The combination of a vibrant job market and small-town living is easily one of Dallas’ most attractive features.

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Low Cost of Living

One of Dallas’ biggest attractions is its low cost of living. Especially when compared with nearby urban areas. This allows residents to stretch their budgets and enjoy an overall higher quality of life. Groceries, healthcare, and transportation are all more affordable than in larger cities, making it easier for residents to save, invest or simply enjoy their day-to-day lives.

Affordable Housing

Dallas’ low cost of living extends to the town’s housing market. Dallas is markedly more cost-effective for home buyers, particularly when compared to many major cities throughout the United States.

The town offers a healthy, and affordable, mix of housing options, Whether you’re looking for a rural estate, suburban ranch-house, or spacious family home Dallas has plenty to offer a variety of budgets and lifestyles.

Low Crime Rate

The residents of Dallas, Georgia have formed a close-knit community. Locals often describe the town as a place where everyone knows their neighbors and they feel a natural sense of safety and security. Like many smaller towns Dallas has a relatively low crime rate. Families trust their children to play outside in safety and feel secure that their neighbors will look out for each other.

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Educational Excellence

Families with school-aged children will find that Dallas offers excellent education opportunities. The Paulding County School District, which serves Dallas and its immediate neighbors, is well known in the area for its commitment to academic excellence. The town offers a healthy mix of public schools, private schools, and alternative education options that will cater to a wide range of educational needs and preferences.

Recreation and Entertainment

There’s much more to life than work and school and Dallas offers a wide range of recreational activities for families to enjoy. The town is surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes with provide ample opportunities for outdoor fun.

The Dallas Theater and Civic Center hosts a variety of performances and cultural events that are suitable for all ages. And of course with Atlanta so close residents need only take a short drive in the city to enjoy the entertainment and cultural offerings of the state’s largest metropolitan city center.

Ready to move to Dallas? Georgia Home Movers is local to the area, and the highest rated movers in all of metro Atlanta. We are ready to help you get settled!

Dallas, Georgia has much to offer individuals and families looking to embrace a small-town lifestyle without sacrificing big city amenities. The town’s low cost of living, affordable housing, and proximity to large city centers make it a promising destination for anyone seeking a more fulfilling way of life in the heart of the South.


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