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Moving to Peachtree Corners has Myriad Benefits…


Population: 42,108


Peachtree Corners is a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia. It is the largest city in the county and part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Peachtree Corners is unique in that it is the only one of Atlanta’s northern suburbs to developed as a planned community. Bordered to the north and west by the Chattahoochee River, the city is notable for its abundance of picturesque landscapes, vibrant economy, and rapidly growing community.

Thriving Local Economy

Peachtree Corners offers a robust job market and a wealth of economic opportunities. Home to a burgeoning technology sector, including the Technology Park Atlanta, the city provides fertile ground for both established companies and entrepreneurial startups.

The city’s business-friendly policies and resources have made it an attractive destination for several large corporations. The presence of global giants like Siemens and Sprint help to drive the city’s economic vitality, providing residents with a wide range of employment options and career prospects.

Proximity to Atlanta

Peachtree Corners’ strategic location just outside of Atlanta offers residents the best of two worlds. They can enjoy the tranquility of suburban life while having easy access to one of the most vibrant cultural hubs of the South. All it takes is short drive into Atlanta for residents to enjoy world-class shopping and entertainment as well as some of the finest dining in the state.

Many of Peachtree Corners’ residents choose to commute into Atlanta for their careers. This opens up even greater job opportunities and allows Peachtree’s residents to strike an enviably balanced urban/suburban lifestyle.

Recreational and Cultural Activities

As a planned community Peachtree Corners was designed first and foremost for the benefit of its residents. The city features numerous parks, hiking trails, and recreational facilities to enhance the quality of life for local residents. In addition to outdoor activities Peachtree Corners Town Center hosts concerts, festivals, and other community events throughout the year. These not only provide rich cultural experience for the townspeople it helps to bring them together to form a tight-knit community.

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Real Estate Opportunities

Peachtree Corners is a popular destination for individuals and families looking to move into the Atlanta metropolitan area. The local real estate market is competitive but affordable, offering a variety of housing options ranging from charming single-family homes to modern apartments and townhouses. The city’s diverse neighborhoods makes it easy for newcomers to find a place that truly feels like home.

Educational Excellence

Families with school-aged children will be pleased to know that Peachtree Corners is home to several highly rated public and private schools. The Gwinnett County Public Schools system, which serves the city, consistently ranks among the best in the state. The city is also close to several highly regarded institutes of higher education including Georgia Tech and Emory University, giving graduating students ample opportunity to further pursue their education.

Green Initiatives

Peachtree Corners is focused on providing a high quality of life for its residents. That commitment extends to future generations and the city actively promotes a number of Eco-friendly practices including green space initiatives, recycling programs, and energy efficient infrastructure policies. This dedication to environment responsibility reflects the values of the city’s residents and is meant to ensure that Peachtree Corners remains one of the most desirable destinations in Georgia.

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Cultural Diversity

Peachtree Corners is a melting pot of cultures, making it a welcoming and inclusive community. Residents have the opportunity to experience a diverse array of cuisines, traditions, and celebrations. This helps to foster a greater connection between neighbors and a strong sense of community among the residents.

Low Crime Rate

With its low crime rate Peachtree Corners offers a safe and relaxing environment for families and individuals. The city is committed to maintaining a high quality of life for its residents and that is reflected in the well-maintained streets, quiet neighborhoods, excellent schools and top-rate healthcare facilities.

Ready to move to Peachtree Corners? Georgia Home Movers is local to the area, and the highest rated movers in all of metro Atlanta. We are ready to help you get settled!

Peachtree Corners is more than just a city. It’s a community that values progress, diversity, and quality of life. With its thriving economy, excellent education system, and lush landscapes it stands as a shining example of a great place to call home. If you’re looking for an ideal place to pursue your career or start a family Peachtree Corners stands ready to welcome you with open arms.


ZIP codes: 30010 30071 30092 30096 30097


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