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Being the highest-rated moving company in Woodstock, we have proven our professionalism in our services time and time again. We believe in the basic principles of honesty, hard work, and dependability. We stand by our words and do what we say every time.

From houses to condos, apartments, or even your office building – our staff is trained and ready to help you in any situation. There is no stress when you choose us. We provide you with the safest and most efficient moving service around!

Population: 36,198


If you are considering a move to Woodstock, Georgia, you are thinking in the right direction. There are few spots in all of Georgia that can match Woodstock’s gentle pace, and connection to opportunity and activity. The scenery draws you in, but once you have spent a little time in Woodstock, you begin to understand why it has remained such a popular place to live and work.

Woodstock is part of Cherokee County and is found north of Atlanta, off of Highway %&%. It is what is considered being outside the perimeter (OTP), because the perimeter is highway 285 that encircles Atlanta. Yet the proximity to 575, 41 and highways 5 and 20 keep Woodstock accessible and well connected. You are only 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta when you are in Woodstock, making commuting a popular daily ritual.

Woodstock is a very green place to be, with lots of dedicated spaces and local parks to enjoy. Lake Allatoona is found in Woodstock, with lushly wooded banks. The lake provides local residents and visitors with ample space to boat, fish, swim, kayak, paddleboard, camp, picnic, and more all around Allatoona’s shores. Kudzu-wrapped trees are everywhere, making the area feel lush and green most of the year, with beautiful and unique expressions of color in the Spring and Fall seasons.

Are you considering moving your family or business to Woodstock? Contact Georgia Home Movers for the local touch. We will protect your valuables and make your move to Woodstock smooth in every measure. Contact us and let us handle all the details of your Woodstock move. 

Like many Georgia towns, Woodstock carries a sense of history while looking ahead to its future. You can see it in the architecture, where turn-of-the-century buildings and antebellum-styled homes are common and well kept. The downtown area in particular holds many restored buildings that call to Woodstock’s past, but they are alive and thriving with current businesses, restaurants, and shops.

Woodstock was originally a train stop on the Louisville-Nashville line in the 1800s, so its historical significance continues to draw in visitors every year. The tracks still rattle with activity, and a popular eatery in the heart of downtown is actually a converted old caboose. The Elm Street Cultural Arts Village in Woodstock is another great example of how people in the area think, and act: it is an old, converted schoolhouse now serving the civic needs of current residents.

There are many cultural events and fun family times to be found all year round in Woodstock. Festivals happen on the streets all summer long, with musical acts, street vendors, and family fun on every corner. There are food trucks and excellent dining options, giving every type of taste something to nibble on. From the gourmand to the preschooler wanting some nuggets and fries, you can have it all served up the way you like when you are in Woodstock.

Ready to make the move to Woodstock? Georgia Home Movers can handle every detail. 

If you are looking for good schools, Woodstock is a great place for your family. Home to a variety of top-notch public schools, it is a part of Cobb County, which boasts some of the better educational opportunities in the state. There are also private schools in Woodstock, as well as parochial options to consider. If your students are older or you are considering secondary education, Kennesaw State University is very close to Woodstock, opening up a world of opportunity.

Professionally, Woodstock’s businesses enjoy a steady growth pattern, so new residents are always incoming and ready to keep the local businesses thriving. Popular chains as well as boutique shops abound here, giving possibility to every type of business idea. Many professional like doctors, dentists, and lawyers are also happy to call Woodstock home, because they can stay busy but not have the frenetic pace of Atlanta as their driver.

In every sense, there is a lot to find in moving your family or business to Woodstock. Georgia Home Movers are local to this area, so we are ready to help you feel at ease and handle every detail to make your transition seamless. We provide the service levels you need to keep your possessions safe and protected as they arrive in your new home. Contact us today, and you will find out why we are consistently Woodstock’s highest rated moving company.


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