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Moving to Hiram Makes Perfect Sense

Population: 5,080


Hiram is a city in Paulding County, Georgia. It is part of the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. The city is home to a charming and thriving community that is quick to welcome newcomers into the fold. Its scenic beauty and close proximity to the state capitol has made it an increasingly popular destination for families looking to settle down in the Atlanta metro area.

A Beacon for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The rich natural beauty surrounding Hiram is one of the major attractions for both visitors and local residents. The town is situated close to the Silver Comet Trail, a 61-mile-long paved trail that offers ample opportunities for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding. The nearby Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area is a haven for nature lovers interested in camping, fishing, and wildlife observation. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do and love in Hiram, Georgia.

Proximity to Atlanta

Hiram’s residents enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle. But the city’s close proximity to Atlanta also allows residents to enjoy the amenities of a bustling metropolis. Just a short drive takes them into the big city, providing access to a wide range of employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and a vibrant entertainment and dining scene.

The close proximity of the state capitol makes it easy for Hiram’s residents to enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer while still returning home to a tranquil and sedate home life at the end of the day.

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Economic Opportunities

As part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area Hiram has access to one of the most vibrant and forward looking economies in the South. Atlanta is a major hub for many national and international corporations which provides ample career opportunities in a variety of fields including technology, healthcare, entertainment and healthcare.

In recent years Hiram has experience some significant economic growth of its own. Several businesses have established a presence in the area creating greater job opportunities within the city. This makes Hiram an appealing destination for families who prefer to avoid commuting and would rather live and work in the same community.


Hiram offers a lower cost of living than many other cities in the Atlanta metro area. This is reflected in the city’s housing market where real estate prices are typically more affordable than in larger neighboring cities.

The local real estate market offers a diverse range of housing options running the gamut from single-family homes to modern apartments. The lower cost of living and affordable housing market makes the area attractive and accessible to families with a wide range of incomes.

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Strong Sense of Community

Residents of Hiram often describe the town as a place where neighbors know each other and people look out for one another. A friendly atmosphere defines daily life. Community events and activities such as parades, festivals, and even the local farmers’ markets provide regular opportunities for residents to come together, get to know each other, and for lasting connections. There is a welcoming atmosphere to Hiram that makes it easy for newcomers to call it home.

Excellent School System

Families with school-aged children will be pleased with Hiram’s local educational institutions. The Paulding County School District, which serves Hiram, is notable for its commitment to providing a high quality education for its students. The city is home to a number of top-rated public and private schools and parents can feel confident that their children will receive an excellent education.

Safety and Security

Hiram consistently ranks as one of the safest places to live in Georgia. The low crime rate is a testament to local law enforcement’s dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the community. That sense of security has long made Hiram attractive to families and individuals looking for a peaceful and worry-free place to call home.

Ready to move to Hiram? Georgia Home Movers is local to the area, and the highest rated movers in all of metro Atlanta. We are ready to help you get settled!

Hiram is a charming Southern town that has something to offer just about everyone. Its natural beauty, strong economy, and thriving community make it an ideal destination for individuals and families alike. As Hiram continues to grow and thrive it is poised to become an even more attractive place to call home, making now an excellent time to consider this gem of the Peach State for your new hometown.


ZIP code: 30141

Cost of living:

Hiram's housing expenses are 12% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 16% lower than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 8% lower than the national average. Hiram has grocery prices that are 1% higher than the national average.


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