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Moving Your Home or Business to Newnan, Georgia


Population: 43,298


Newnan is a city in, and the county seat of, Coweta County, Georgia. Often referred to as the “City of Homes”, Newnan is a charming southern city with a rich history, diverse community, and bustling local economy. As part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area Newnan has access to one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the South. At the same time Newnan has managed to retain the kind of small-town atmosphere that has made it a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Newnan has a rich heritage dating back to the 19th century. The town’s historic downtown district stands as a testament to Newnan’s past with beautifully preserved historic homes and buildings nestled alongside a bevy of unique modern boutiques.

The city is home to the Coweta County African American Museum and Research Center, one of the few museums in the south dedicated to African-American history. Newnan also boasts an active local arts scene that takes center stage in many of the city’s annual festivals and community events.

Small-Town Feel with Big-City Amenities

Newnan strikes a perfect balance between the warm and welcoming environment of a small town and the conveniences of a larger city. While it is home to a close-knit community residents can easily access the big city amenities to be found in nearby Atlanta.

Newnan is located just 40 miles southwest of Atlanta which provides easy access to the world-class attractions of a major metropolitan area. Residents can enjoy a day in the city and then return home to the tranquility of suburban Newnan in the evening.

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Strong Economy and Job Market

The city of Newnan has been experiencing consistent economic growth over the last several years. A number of major employers in the area, including Piedmont Newnan Hospital, the Coweta School System, and Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation, help to support a thriving local job market.

Newnan’s close proximity to Atlanta opens up even more employment options for the city’s residents. Atlanta is one of the country’s major economic hubs and large national and international corporations have established headquarters there. This opens up a wealth of job opportunities in a fields ranging from technology and logistics to healthcare and entertainment.

Affordable Living

One of the most appealing features of living in Newnan is the low cost of living, especially when compared with some of the city’s larger and more urban neighbors. The low cost of living naturally influences the local real estate market and house prices in Newnan are notably lower than inmost major metropolitan areas. Affordable housing options abound ranging from spacious suburban properties to historic downtown homes.

Community Engagement

Newnan is known for its tight-knit communities and family-friendly neighborhoods. That is nevermore evident than in the many and varied festivals, farmers’ markets, and cultural gatherings that are held throughout the year. These events not only foster a sense of belonging among local residents, they are also a great way for newcomers to meet their neighbors and forge long lasting relationships.

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Excellent Educational Opportunities

Families with school-aged children can rest assured that Newnan is committed to education. The Coweta County School System, which serves Newnan and its immediate neighbors, consistently ranks among Georgia’s top performing school districts.

In addition to Newnan’s top-ranked public schools parents have a choice of several private and charter schools that offer alternative educational options. Nearby institutions of higher learning, such as the University of West Georgia and Georgia State University, provide further opportunities for students interested in pursuing their education.

Low Crime Rates

Safety is always a top priority when choosing a new place to live. Newnan boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the area. The city’s well-funded police force is dedicated to serving the community and keeping its residents safe. If you’re looking for a worry-free place to call home Newnan rates top of the class in security.

Ready to move to Newnan? Georgia Home Movers is local to the area, and the highest rated movers in all of metro Atlanta. We are ready to help you get settled!

Newnan’s warm southern hospitality, affordable living, and strong economy make it an ideal place to raise a family. With its rich cultural heritage, tight-knit community, and cultural diversity it provides an inviting environment for individuals and families seeking a fresh start in one of Georgia’s most delightful cities.


ZIP Code: 30263 30265 30271


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