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Living in Lithia Springs Looks Lovely!

Population: 17,545


Situated roughly 20 miles from Atlanta, Lithia Springs is an unincorporated area in northeastern Douglas County, Georgia. This charming southern town is one of the hidden gems of the Peach State. Its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and vibrant local community make Lithia Springs an attractive relocation destination for families and individuals looking for a peaceful place to call home.

Rich Cultural History

The history of Lithia Springs begins with water. In the 1800s people would come from miles around to drink the curative waters that flowed from the local natural lithia spring. The water was so popular that in 1887 a group of investors bought the spring and began bottling and selling the water under the name Bowden Lithia Spring Water. The water us still bottled today and is sold as Lithia Spring Water.

The local Lithia spring ultimately gave rise to two towns, Lithia Springs and Austell, it’s nearest neighbor. By the turn of the century a luxury health resort was opened in Lithia Springs attracting such luminaries as Mark Twain, the Vanderbilt family, and President Theodore Roosevelt.

Scenic Beauty

Lithia Springs is well know for its natural beauty. The town’s crown jewel is undoubtedly Sweetwater Creek State Park. This 2,549 acre park features hiking trails, picturesque creeks. And serene lakes that will appeal to any outdoor enthusiast. Residents and visitors to the area can enjoy hiking, kayaking, picnicking and bird watching all year round.

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Thriving Job Market

The Lithia Springs area has experienced significant economic growth in recent years. Major corporations have moved into the area bringing new job opportunities in a variety of fields including logistics, technology and manufacturing. Amazon has placed one of its many distribution centers in the area providing even more employment options for local residents.

The close proximity of Atlanta gives residents access to one of the most vibrant economies in the state. This opens up even more career opportunities for Lithia Springs’ residents, allowing them to commute into the city for work while still being able to enjoy a peaceful small-town lifestyle back home.

Low Cost of Living

When compared with other parts of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, Lithia Springs offers a more budget friendly cost of living. Housing, groceries, and other essentials are much more affordable than in larger cities. This allows residents to stretch their dollars further and enjoy a higher standard of living at a lower actual cost.

Diverse Housing Options

The real estate market in Lithia Springs is fairly competitive, yet remains affordable when compared to many parts of the Atlanta metro area. The local housing market offers a wide range of options to suit most budgets and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a spacious single-family home, a quaint townhouse, or an affordable apartment Lithia Springs has plenty of options to suit even the most discerning home buyer.

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Excellent Educational Institutions

Families in Lithia Springs have access to a number of well regarded public and private schools. The Douglas County School District, which serves the area, is known for emphasizing a quality education in their schools. Lithia Springs is also conveniently located near several of the state’s top-rated colleges and universities, providing additional opportunities for students interested in pursuing a higher education.

Strong Sense of Community

The people of Lithia Springs are bound together by a strong sense of community. It is a friendly and welcoming town with a small-town atmosphere that fosters strong neighborly connections. Community gatherings are commonplace and make it easy for newcomers to build long lasting friendships in the new home town.

Future Growth and Development

Lithia Springs is well situated for continued growth and development. The influx of new businesses and residents into the area has helped to fuel an economic boom. This growth promises a bright future for the community, bringing even more opportunities for the town and its residents.

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Lithia Springs, Georgia has much to offer families and individuals looking for a place to put down roots in the Peach State. It is a charming town that offers the best of both worlds, a serene and welcoming environment with easy access to one of the states most vibrant cities. Whether you’re searching for outdoor adventure, career growth, or just a peaceful place to call home Lithia Springs has it all.

ZIP code: 30122


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