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Marietta Is a Great Place To Move

Population: 61,497 

Nestled right in the heart of Cobb County, Marietta welcomes newcomers with its unique blend of old Southern charm and new urban vibrancy. A city that oozes history, Marietta seamlessly combines its rich heritage with excellent modern amenities, making it an enticing destination for anyone seeking a truly balanced lifestyle.

From its historic downtown square to its diverse community and thriving economy, there's a multitude of reasons why moving to Marietta can be the right decision.

Come see The Square In Marietta!

One of Marietta's best-known features is its popular downtown area. Cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere call back to a time when life moved at a slower pace. Marietta Square, in the heart of this downtown district, is always a hub of activity.

The Square is always offering something fun to do. It houses a wide range of boutique shops, art galleries, and excellent restaurants. The City Hall and various municipal buildings occupy one side of it, so there is always something to see and a lot happening behind the scenes.

Whether you are sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee at a sidewalk café or exploring the local farmers' market, the downtown area maintains a strong sense of community and connection among residents and its many visitors.

Marietta has the Famous "Big Chicken"

Right down the road from the Square, is the famous Marietta “Big Chicken” – a beloved landmark that holds a local Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. Though it was once going to be razed, the community told KFC how much it was a part of the local landscape, and KFC restored the Big Chicken to full working glory. When in Marietta, you do want to see the Big Chicken, and maybe even grab a snack!

Beyond its history, Marietta boasts a thriving cultural scene catering to diverse interests. The Strand Theatre, now named as a historic landmark, hosts live performances, including plays, concerts, and film screenings. For history buffs, the Marietta Museum of History provides an opportunity to delve into the city's past, while the Gone with the Wind Museum pays homage to Margaret Mitchell's iconic novel and the film it inspired.

Interested in learning more about moving to Marietta? Tell us how we can help. 

Families and outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of recreational activities in and around Marietta. With over 20 parks, including the expansive Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, residents can enjoy hiking, picnicking, and other ways of connecting with nature.

The Silver Comet Trail, a converted railway line, offers miles of biking and walking paths, perfect for unwinding and staying active. The city's commitment to green spaces makes this a favorite place for relocation for businesses and families alike.

Marietta's educational offerings make this a truly great place to move your young family. The city is home to a variety of highly rated public and private schools, providing families with ample choices for their children's education.

Marietta Is Calling You, At Any Age

Are your children getting a little older? Marietta is also in proximity to several well established and highly esteemed colleges and learning institutions, making it an excellent location for lifelong learners and those people seeking any kind of secondary education.

From an economic standpoint, Marietta boasts a thriving job market and diverse business landscape. The city is also conveniently located just up the highway from downtown Atlanta, allowing residents to access a wide range of job opportunities across various industries.

Companies from well-known technology and service providers to smaller healthcare and legal offices have all established their presence in the Marietta area, contributing to a robust and mature economy that supports both established professionals and budding entrepreneurs.

Southern charm, and a warm communal spirit abound here. Community events like the Marietta Square Art Walk and the Taste of Marietta showcase the city's bubbling social scene, offering opportunities to meet new friends and build lasting connections while sampling the best of local fare.

Yet among all the perks mentioned, truly one of the best reasons for moving to Marietta must be its location. It may be the definition of “convenient” when looking at its many attributes in relation to Atlanta and other nearby urban areas. Situated within the Atlanta metropolitan area, Marietta benefits from easy access to the bustling city while maintaining its own unique identity. It’s the best of both worlds!

Whether it's catching a Braves game at Truist Park, exploring the renowned Georgia Aquarium, or experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Atlanta, Marietta residents have a world of entertainment and other experiences literally at their doorstep.

Let Us Move You to Marietta

There could be any number of reasons leading you to move to the Marietta area. Families enjoy the sense of community, the quaint charm of the square, and the convenience and professional opportunity that abounds here. Professionals often choose to relocate in Marietta because it offers a different pace than the city while still capturing all the promise and opportunity of a larger urban area.

Are you considering a move to Marietta soon? Talk to the experts of Georgia Home Movers, and we can help you handle every detail. We are local to the area so we can help you settle in and take advantage of everything Marietta has to offer. Handle your move with no hidden fees, no surprises, and the most competitive rates you will find anywhere.

Best Marietta, GA Public Schools (2023)

  • Rank: #1. Dickerson Middle School. 

  • Rank: #2. Mount Bethel Elementary School. 

  • Rank: #3. Sope Creek Elementary School. 

  • Rank: #4. Marietta Center For Advanced Academics. 

  • Rank: #5. Dodgen Middle School. 

  • Rank: #6. Timber Ridge Elementary School. 

  • Rank: #7. Tritt Elementary School. 

ZIP codes: 30008 30060 30061 30062 30063 30064 30065 30066 30067 30068 30080 30090 30152


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