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Slide on Over to Suwanee, Georgia


Population: 21,918


Suwanee is a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia and is part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Bounded by the Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier, the city’s abundance of natural beauty, rich cultural diversity, and exceptional quality of life have made it an attractive destination for families and individuals looking to enjoy a suburban lifestyle without sacrificing any of the modern amenities of big city life.

Thriving Economy

Suwanee’s local economy is a healthy mix of small businesses, corporate offices and commercial development. The city has become a hub for a variety of industries running the gamut from technology and logistics to healthcare and manufacturing. Suwanee’s diverse economic landscape provides ample job opportunities for residents, making it an attractive destination for both professionals and entrepreneurs.

Proximity to Atlanta

Suwanee is situated just 30 miles northeast of Atlanta which allows its residents easy access to one of the country’s most varied and dynamic metropolitan areas. A short drive into the capitol allows residents to enjoy all that a major cosmopolitan city has to offer including world-class dining, shopping and entertainment.

Suwanee’s close proximity to Atlanta also provides a wealth of career paths and employment opportunities. A short commute into the city allows residents to access good paying jobs while still being able to return home in the evenings to the quiet suburban life of their home town.

Quality of Life

Suwanee offers and exceptional quality of life that blends suburban tranquility with urban convenience. The city’s well-planned communities, spacious parks, and recreational opportunities help Suwanee to stand out from its neighbors. The city’s commitment to green spaces and healthy living has earned Suwanee the nickname “Tree City USA”, making it an ideal home for outdoor enthusiasts and families who enjoy nature and are dedicated to active and healthy lifestyles.

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Real Estate Opportunities

Suwanee offers a diverse range of housing options to suit different budgets and preferences. From upscale suburban neighborhoods to charming historic districts there’s a place to suit every taste. The real estate market is stable, making it an attractive choice for both homeowners and investors. While the local housing market is competitive property is generally more affordable than in many of Suwanee’s neighboring cities.

Exceptional Schools

Families with school-aged children will appreciate Suwanee’s excellent education system. The city is home to some of the most highly rated public and private schools in the state. The Gwinnett County Public School District, which serves the city, is know for its commitment to academic excellence and Suwanee’s schools consistently perform well about state and national averages.

Low Crime Rate

Safety is always a major concern when choosing a place to live, and Suwanee has long prioritized the city’s security. The city consistently ranks as one of the safest in Georgia. Low crime rates a strong police presence contribute to the overall sense of security and peace of mind that Suwanee’s residents enjoy.

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Arts and Culture

Over the years Suwanee has become a hub for arts and culture. The city has invested in public art installations and local theaters and galleries regularly showcase talent from the area. Whether you’re interested in visual arts, live theater, or music Suwanee has something to offer.

Cultural Diversity

Suwanee is home to a diverse population made up of people from a variety of backgrounds. Residents from all over the world have made Suwanee their home and that diversity is celebrated through various cultural events and festivals throughout the year. The city’s rich tapestry of cultures allows residents to experience global flavors and traditions right in their own backyard.

Strong Sense of Community

Moving to Suwanee means becoming part of a close-knit community. The city hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year which help to foster a strong sense of connection among its residents. From Food Truck Fridays to the ever-popular Suwanee Fest there are plenty of opportunities for neighbors to meet and form lasting relationships.

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Suwanee has definitely earned its reputation as one of the finest places to life in Georgia. The city’s high quality of life, excellent educational opportunities, and vibrant economy makes it an ideal destination for individuals and families looking for a place to put down roots in the Peach State.


ZIP code: 30024


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